Fall on 125th


"Harlem Holiday Lights"2011 - Gospel for teens

Gospel for Teens at "HHL" 2011 photo by Jasmin K. Williams

Harlem USA 2

Harlem USA

Hotel Theresa

king mural

Mural at H

Lenox Avenue

A Tour of Harlem

Culture 125

Harlem Holiday Lights 2013

"Harlem Light It Up" Ceremony 2013. 

"Harlem Light It Up" Ceremony 2013.

125th Street: The Energy and Spirit of Harlem through Culture, History, Shopping, Music and Entertainment.


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We sadly inform you that Eugene Giscombe, past Chairman of the 125th Street BID transitioned, on July 10, 2016. The 125th Street BID sends its condolences to the family.

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There are infinite reasons to visit 125th Street, a dynamic network of retailers and venues.

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