Sponsorship Opportunities

Cost Details Deadline to Apply
"BID On Culture" Banner Program $2,000 Sponsor's name on selected banner April 16th, 2012
Harlem Holiday Lights Several Options Click here -Presenting Sponsor and Pole   Decorations:

-Sept 1, 2012

-October 1, 2012
Map & Guide Several Options
Prominent Display of Logo on front Cover, Front - Inside Panel, Back Inside Panel
May 1, 2012
Advertising Trash Receptacles Call for info Advertisement displayed on BID trash cans Ongoing
Springboard $3,500 for 6 months; $6,000 for 1 year Sponsor's logo on all distributed Data Reports May 1, 2012
125th St. BID Website Several Options Logo displayed on BID website for 1 yr Ongoing
Networking Receptions  $500 per Reception Prominent display at reception and acknowledgment in all promo materials April 1, 2012

Sponsorship Opportunities with the 125th Street BID!

The 125th Street BID’s marketing efforts are rooted in the desire to brand and promote the district as a premier arts and entertainment destination. Corporations and organizations can sponsor the one of the BID’s programs and tie this opportunity into their overall marketing efforts. As 125th Street continues to grow and change, ensuring it does so in a pedestrian-oriented and vibrant way while maintaining its unique character and charm is a high priority for the BID.

Sponsorship Opportunities Include:

"BID On Culture" Banner Program

2011 "BID On Culture" Winning Banners

BID ON CULTURE is a campaign to help to build a community-based vision of Harlem’s heritage and its role as a vibrant cultural center, and to help promote the continued revitalization of 125th Street as the commercial and artistic heart of Harlem. The 125th Street BID seeks to maximize the value of the 125th Street corridor by initiating efforts that solidify its identity as Harlem’s primary cultural district. Enhancing the streetscape of 125th Street through the BID ON CULTURE project represents a major part of these efforts.

In conjunction with the Harlem Arts Alliance, the 125th Street BID is holding a design competition asking artists to submit designs for a series of street banners to be displayed beginning in June - 2012 to commemorate Black Music Month. The banners will celebrate Harlem’s musical legacy, personalities and venues closely associated with Harlem’s contribution to the history and development of music in America.

Last year’s competition was a great success, generating over 40 artist submissions which were reviewed by a panel to determine those that best responded to the theme and which have the highest artistic quality. The winning designs brought a uniqueness and beauty that truly reflects the diversity, energy and creativity of 125th Street, the Heart of Harlem.

The banner designs for this year’s BID ON CULTURE will be unveiled in June 2012 at the BID’s Annual Meeting (Location TBD), after which the new banners will be installed along 125th Street.

Click here to view the 2012 BID on Culture Banner Program Sponsorship Details.

Sponsorship of BID on Culture Banners costs approximately $2200 annually per banner design selected. If you are interested in 2012 "BID on Culture" Banner program contact Sunshine Bracey at 212-662-8999

Visit the "BID On Culture" Banner Program page for more information on the program.

"Harlem Holiday Lights" 2012

                "Harlem Holiday Lights" 2011 on 125th Street                           Customized Pole Decoration

The Harlem Holiday Lights Program is a locally driven effort that represents the Harlem Community Spirit. The program is made possible by the 125th Street BID, Community Boards 9, 10 & 11 and our sponsors.The program is centered around the lighting of holiday streamers along 125th Street. The project consists of a well attended lighting ceremony, a tour where VIP participants can view the lights, street activity, special promotions, illuminated pole decorations displaying sponsors names, celebrity hosts, a VIP reception and more. Each year the program has gained interest and popularity.There are several sponsorship options for Harlem Holiday Lights 2010. 
Click here to view the "Harlem Holiday Lights" 2011 Sponsorship Package

Visit the "Harlem Holiday Lights" 2011 page for more information on the program

125th Street BID Map & Guide

Click to view PDF of Map & Guide

Front Page Logo Placement

                                                             Back Page Logo Placement

                                                                                                        Cover Logo Placement


The 125th Street BID's Map & Guide is a wallet sized pocket map that highlights the BID's District. It includes; a color coded listing of our member businesses, a local subway and bus map, nearby landmarks, a mini BID locator map and fast facts about 125th Street. Sponsor's name will be prominently displayed on the Map and Guide. Three different levels of sponsorship are available. Front Cover Sponsor, Front Panel Sponsor & Back Panel sponsor. Approximately 10,000 Map and Guides are distributed per year to property owners, stores, pedestrians in our district, event attendees, meeting attendees and affiliate organizations.

  • Sponsor's name on front Cover of 10,000 distributed Map & Guides - $4000 (One opportunity available)
  • Sponsor's name on front page of 10,000 distributed Map & Guides -  $2000 (Two opportunities available)
  • Sponsor's name on back page of 10,000 distributed Map & Guides -  $550 (Four opportunities available)
If you are interested in sponsoring the BID's Map & Guide, Contact Sunshine Bracey at 212-662-8999

Advertising Trash Receptacles:

This project is designed to heighten awareness about keeping 125th Street clean and beautiful. all revenue genereated is used to support the BID’s Sanitation program. The BID currently has 42 advertising receptacles located throughout the district, located at premium high traffic areas on 125th Street.

Springboard - Pedestrian Footfall Counts

Sample Springboard Data Chart

The 125th Street BID recently installed a pedestrian counter on the corner of 125th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard using a technology called Springboard. This enables us to see which days of the week, and even which hours of the day, are the busiest, so that you can structure certain aspects of your business around the data from the pedestrian counts. We are currently seeking a sponsor of the data reports that are generated. The audience of these reports are property owners, store owners, the BID's Board of Directors and subscribers to our monthly newsletter. A total of approximately 7,000 readers receive Springboard reports monthly. The sponsor's logo would be prominently displayed on all reports and mentions of the report throught the sponsorship period. 

Cost of Sponorship: $3500 for a six month period and $6000 annually
For more information on Springboard, visit

125th Street BID Website

The 125th Street BID’s website, www.125thstreetbid.com, acts as your gateway to the district, with information for property owners, business owners, residents, and visitors to 125th Street. The BID’s new website launched June 2010. The site features a fresh look as well as exciting new features such as social networking, and expanded listings of businesses and cultural institutions.
Advertise your organization on www.125thstreetbid.com today!

Sponsorship includes:
Placement of your logo and link on a selected area of our website. Sponsorship of the 125th Street BID’s website costs are dependent on level of sponsorship and length of commitment. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor contact Sunshine Bracey at 212-662-8999

Afterwork Networking Receptions

The BID is currently seeking a sponsor for our next series of afterwork networking receptions. Our receptions provide an atmosphere where BID members can gather, receive updates on the latest workings of the BID, network amongst themselves and  meet some of the key players in the community. Sponsor's name and logo would be displayed prominently at the event and any materials in connection to the event. The BID is looking to hold a total of six(6) receptions per year.

The networking receptions present the unique opportunity to bring the BID membership (local businesses, property owners and stakeholders) together in an informal setting to share their current and future development projects on one of the most dynamic commercial districts in New York City. The events are designed to reintroduce the 125th Street BID to an audience of local retailers, residents and property owners along the thriving 125th Street corridor and to promote participation in BID activities.