Our Mission

1993 Inception of BID into Law

Our Vision

To become a multi-dimensional destination with a range of uses including commercial, retail, business, social, residential, educational, civic, hospitality, and religious, with a strong emphasis on culture and culture-related commerce.

Our Mission

The 125th Street Business Improvement District's mission is to...

Expand sustainable economic activity in the area including the creation or expansion of businesses and the development of jobs for community residents.

Maximize the ability of local residents, businesses and institution to benefit from any and all opportunities created by commercial revitalization efforts.Improve the quality of life in the community.

125th Street Business Improvement District

The 125th Street Business Improvement District seeks to develop a community-based vision to maintain the heritage of 125th Street, to help secure future cultural presentation and production in Harlem and to encourage the ongoing revitalization of 125th Street as a premier art, culture and entertainment destination. Other goals include: event promotion and nightlife, to facilitate active tourism,  to celebrate and build upon existing cultural assets, to catalyze economic development, to increase pedestrian mobility, to give the streetscape a cohesive modern appearance and reduce clutter, to develop additional public space, to include public art throughout the project, and to create a high quality urban environment that contributes to an identity for the Harlem community.

Please visit www.nycbidassociation.org for an extended description on what a BID is.  

Goals of the 125th Street BID

(1) Become a strong advocate for multiple-story redevelopment of sites especially in the Central District

The role of the BID in these matters is to develop a consistent and helpful position for the district. This work assists property owners and the City of New York to amenable solutions that will encourage redevelopment and retain 125th Street's cultural heritage. This includes:
- Active liason and partnering with the City of New York
- Proposing and coordinating direct subsidies for building redevelopment
- Proposing and coordinating density bonuses for cultural projects

(2) To develop a coordinated plan for infrastructure improvements including streetscape and signage to create an enjoyable shopping experience. This will include alternative waste management solutions.

(3) Expand the BID boundaries from 5th Avenue east to 2nd Avenue (Priority #1); the Avenues from 122nd to 128th in the central core from Frederick Douglass Boulevard to Lenox Avenue (Priority #2); and from Morningside to Twelfth Avenue on 125th Street (Priority #3).

(4) Encourage existing retailers to enhance their businesses and make improvements to meet the demands of the emerging market.

(5) Promote 125th Street as a great location for local national retailers to do business.