2010 "BID On Culture" Banner Program

                                                    2012 BID On Culture Winning Banners
                                                    Theme: "Harlem: A Cultural Legacy"

"BID ON CULTURE" is a campaign to help to build a community-based vision of Harlem’s heritage and its role as a vibrant cultural center, and to help promote the continued revitalization of 125th Street as the commercial and artistic heart of Harlem. The 125th Street BID seeks to maximize the value of the 125th Street corridor by initiating efforts that solidify its identity as Harlem’s primary cultural district. Enhancing the streetscape of 125th Street through the "BID ON CULTURE" project represents a major part of these efforts.

2012's inaugural competition was a great success, generating over 70 artist submissions which were reviewed by a panel to determine those that best responded to the theme (Harlem: A Cultural Legacy) and which have the highest artistic quality. The winning designs brought a uniqueness and beauty that truly reflects the diversity, energy and creativity of 125th Street, the Heart of Harlem.

2011 BID ON CULTURE Winning Banners
Theme: Black Music Month

We are proud to announce that on June 21, 2011, the Honorable Congressman Rangel placed the 2011 winning “BID on Culture” banners into the Congressional Record for the second time. Congressman Rangel wrote, “The ‘BID on Culture’ Banners have added to the branding of 125th Street as the center of culture in Harlem, highlighting our community’s diversity, history, and contributions to and throughout our nation and the world.”    

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2010 "BID on Culture" Winning Banners
Theme: Black Music Month


2009 "BID on Culture" Winning Banners