Sanitation & Street Maintenance

125th Street Clean Team
125th Street Clean Team

Sanitation and Street Maintenance

• 125th Street Clean Team

“I commend the 125th Street BID for its creativity and extraordinary civic spirit in striving to make their vibrant community a cleaner and more beautiful place to live and work. Today, New York City is the cleanest it has been in over three decades.” – Commissioner John J. Doherty


The sanitation program goals are to make sure the streets and sidewalks are clean and attractive to the public, reduce the number of sanitation summonses, and create a pleasant and inviting pedestrian environment. Improving the appearance of 125th Street will reward business owners, and the cleaner the street is, the more inviting it will be to visitors and potential customers.

The 125th Street BID Clean Team provides supplemental cleaning services that free up time for business owners to operate their businesses. The Clean Team consists of five workers wearing bright red uniforms emblazoned with the BID logo.
The crew provides street cleaning services from 7:00am- 7:00pm, weekdays and weekends.

The 125th Street BID contracts with the Atlantic Maintenance Company to provide street cleaning of pedestrian litter. The Clean Team sweeps the sidewalks, curbs, and streets and empties trash receptacles. The pedestrian litter is collected into trash bags branded with the 125th Street BID logo and is placed at designated points throughout the district for pick up by the Department of Sanitation. The Department of Sanitation conducts pickups at least twice a day. The Clean Team also cleans and maintains much of the street furniture on 125th Street.

Monitoring Illegal Dumping:

The BID established a close relationship with the Department of Sanitation to address illegal dumping. Unfortunately, illegal dumping is a tenacious problem that has proven difficult to prevent. In June 2007, the BID initiated an Ambassador/Public Safety program. The Ambassadors serve as the “eyes and ears” of the street and report and identify illegal dumping.

Please telephone 311 to report any illegal dumping.

• Recycling Program

Since 2007, the 125th Street BID has participated in a pilot recycling program with the Department of Sanitation. A blue recycling receptacle is located on the corner of West 125th Street and Lenox Avenue. 

• Trash Receptacles

Advertising trash receptacles are strategically placed at high traffic locations. Partner bins are a proven means of effectively communicating someone’s message.

• Sidewalk Scorecard

In 2010, the Clean Team picked up approximately 7,500 bags of trash per month, equally approximately 2.7 million pounds of pedestrian trash collected annually. The diligent work of the Clean Team is evident as the BID rated 100% for both clean sidewalks and streets on the Mayor’s Operation Scorecard since 2005!

View full 2011 Sanitation Scorecard