Public Safety

Public Safety Assisting
Public Safety Assisting

125th Street Business Improvement District's Public Safety Program

The primary focus of the 125th Street BID’s Ambassador/Public Safety program is the public safety of 125th Street’s properties, businesses, workers, customers, visitors, and residents.

The 125th Street BID’s Ambassador/Public Safety team acts as the eyes and ears of the BID- working hard to preserve a safe and secure environment in the corridor. The Public Safety team wears a unique uniform with the BID colors and logo and patrol the street five days a week from 11:00 am until 7:00pm.


The Public Safety team works closely with FDNY as well as with the 25th (212-860-6511), 26th (212-678-1311), and 28th (212-678-1611) police precincts.

Download here the 125th Street BID’s Crime Prevention, a Community Handbook.