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The Connect The Dots campaign will deliver cross-promotional experiences, generate greater member involvement with consumers and produce a pairing system that allows individuals to plan their visit to the neighborhood.The seven dotsShop, Dine, Entertain, Educate, Culture, What’s New and Health – represent what 125th Street has to offer.

Want to know what events are going on?  Check out the Events Calendar and while you are there click the News Dot to read the latest articles highlighiting125th Street and Harlem in general.


Shopping on 125th Street just got easier.  With the click of a button you can download and redeem in-store deals. Just click on On Now Sales to view store deals.


125th Street Culture in the palm of your hands! Learn about the historical 125th Street, flip thru 125th Street's Photographer Corner for a photographic trip to the past, or click on Establishments for a list of cultural institutions.


125th Street BID Harlem Happenings App is a multi functional tool with live data that allows the BID to deliver a mobile solution that is immediate, personalized, and location relevant. It allows the user to find, locate and avail themselves of a range of unique services and promotions such as: live shows, entertainment, accommodations, in-store deals, BID programs, and more.

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For businesses on 125th Street between 5th Avenue and 12th Avenue that would like to be include in the Harlem Happening App contact Tasemere Gathers at tgathers@125thstreetbid.com.