BID EXPANSION: West 125 Merchants' Alliance


The 125th Street BID is looking to incorporate the western segment of 125th Street, from Morningside Avenue to the Hudson River, into our boundaries.  

Why expand?

Expansion would double the 125th Street BID's geographic service domain.  The 6-block target area (along 125th Street between Morningside Avenue and Marginal Street) includes about 55 businesses and 40 property owners.  These include a vibrant mix of:

  • Offices
  • Retail merchandise 
  • Eating and drinking
  • Residential tenants
  • Churches
  • Educational and cultural institutions
  • New development projects and more

Why now?

Harlem's main commercial thoroughfare along West 125th Street has high amounts of footfall and is well-connected by transit, making it an ideal location for our business services and new development.  West Harlem is slated to develop significantly as Columbia University moves forward with the Manhattanville campus expansion and the prospective construction of the Barak Obama library.  We would like to see that this process is as inclusive of the business infrastructure and residential community as can be.  This strip is an important connector to the waterfront with unique and exciting offerings.  Click here to view our directory of businesses in the target area.  The area also boasts exceptionally low property crime rates.  

For more information on West 125th Street's potential, please review this Retail Study Market Analysis Background Report.


The incorporation of additional BID territory requires several phases of planning, outreach and legislative authorization.  We are tackling this process, step-by-step.

We have begun creating and distributing promotional material for the businesses in this new territory and including them in our mailings.  Expansion programs are to support ongoing Needs Assessments for the development of a community-supported vision plan for the integration of west and central 125th Street.  This effort aims to bring together businesses, property owners and other community leaders to identify and define workable solutions allowing the integration of programs in the BID boundaries with 125th Street west of Morningside Avenue.  Click here to view our 2013 Commercial Tenants Needs Assessment results.

In compliance with city guidelines, a Steering Committee has been formed.  The West 125 Merchants' Alliance is the steering committee for the 125th Street BID's western expansion.  The committee meets periodically to develop strategies and milestones for the BID's expansion.  For more information, click here.  If you are a property owner or a business on West 125th Street, click here to become a member of the West 125th Merchants' Alliance.



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Target area (right): 125th Street between Morningside & Marginal