Commercial Tenants Needs Assessment Results


Needs Assessment:

As a part of our Merchant Organizing Initiative, we distributed a Needs Assessment Survey to the business tenants on 125th Street west of Morningside Avenue in March 2013.  The purpose of this survey was to more accurately determine the area's needs in order to learn how to best serve its commercial tenants, property owners and visitors.  We would like to sincerely thank all of the businesses who have taken time to complete the survey; your participation is truly helpful to our efforts to improve our business community!


Below are our initial survey results, and we are still collecting responses. If you are a commercial tenant located on 125th Street west of Morningside Avenue and have not filled out the survey, please contact us by phone at (212) 662.8999 or by email at


How do you promote your business?


Most of the survey participants promote their businesses by distributing flyers by hand. Word of mouth is the second most popular promotion method, followed by email and business website.

We notice that not many businesses promote themselves with social media.  We will make a concerted effort to engage more businesses west of Morningside in social media. 



What are your top complaints about 125th Street west of Morningside?


The most common issues that commercial tenants have with West 125th Street are that it doesn't feel safe; that the streets and sidewalks are dirty; and that there is not enough to do.

Few respondents feel that lack of parking and difficulty in getting to the area are major issues.




What services are needed in the 125th Street business community?


We asked respondents to mark the services that they think are needed in the West 125th Street business community in the following categories: Sanitation & Street Maintenance; Public Safety; Promotion & Marketing; Capital Projects; and Research. Respondents were asked to mark all that applied. We then asked respondents to rate how important, overall, each category was to them.

Sanitation & Street Maintenance, Public Safety, and Promotion & Marketing were rated as, overall, the most important services to survey respondents.

Sanitation and Street Maintenance


Public Safety


Promotion and Marketing


Capital Projects




Are there any other needs you have that were not addressed?


  • "Networking and community involvement"
  • "Quarterly get togethers" for merchants in area
  • "Rent is very high, making it difficult for us to run our business."
  • "We need help controlling the continuous panhandling and street vendors in front of our locations."