Business Directory

125th Street Orthodontics

Phone: 212-222-3210
Address: 360 West 125th Street Suite 8 NY, NY, 10027

Adaya Inc.

Phone: (212)-369-2960
Address: 2 W. 125th Street

All Eyes On Us

Phone: 212-663-1511
Address: 274 W. 125th Street

Ballers 125th

Phone: 212-665-7230
Address: 252 W. 125th Street


Phone: 212-234-7067
Address: 695 St. Nicholas Avenue NY


Phone: 212-837-1500
Address: 79 West 125th Street NY

Dave's Deals

Address: 313 West 125th Street

Dentist's Office

Address: 360 West 125th Street, Suite #7

Direct Buy

Address: 066 W. 125th Street

Films & Games

Address: 243 West 125th Street

Fishers Of Men II

Phone: 212-678-4268
Address: 121 West 125th Street, New York, NY, United States

High Energy Boutique

Phone: 212-662-4422
Address: 230 W. 125th Street

JB b.o.r.n.

Phone: 917-865-9194
Address: 052 W. 125th Street

JC Wireless

Phone: 646-296-7185
Address: 027A W. 125th Street


Phone: 212-222-2824
Address: 118 W. 125th Street

La Scala Boutique

Phone: 212-678-7889
Address: 254 W. 125th Street

Lady Love

Phone: 212-678-0824
Address: 044 W. 125th Street

Lazarus For Kids

Phone: 212-222-6023
Address: 162 W. 125th Street

Liquor Authority

Phone: 518-474-3114
Address: 317 Lenox Avenue, 4th Floor

Magic Johnson Movie Theaters

Phone: 212-665-6923
Address: 2309 Fredrick Douglas Blvd.

Makari de Suisse

Phone: 212-348-7464
Address: 052 W. 125th Street

Mount Morris

Address: .


Phone: (212) 678-6800
Address: 124 W. 125th Street

Piece of Velvet

Phone: (212)369-3660
Address: 17 W. 125th Street

Pretty Girl

Phone: 212-749-4590
Address: 272 West 125th Street

Pretty Girl

Phone: 212-749-4590
Address: 276 W. 125th Street

Sarku Japan - Teriyaki and Sushi Express

Phone: 212-222-0198
Address: 121 West 125th Street

Shoe Fetish

Phone: 212-280-1742
Address: 278 W. 125th Street

Sneaker Pawn USA

Phone: 917-475-1374
Address: 200 Malcom X Blvd NY


Address: 252 W. 125th Street


Phone: 212-864-5747
Address: 105 W. 125th Street


Phone: 917-262-0637
Address: 281 St. Nicholas Avenue NY

The Body Shop

Phone: 212-348-4900
Address: 001 East 125th Street

The Eagle Academy Foundation, Inc

Phone: In 2004, a group of educators, parents, community leaders and corporate partners, led by the One Hun
Address: 31 West 125th Street 3rd Floor NY

VBK Communications

Address: 206 W. 125th Street

Watkins Health Food Store

Phone: 212-831-2955
Address: 046 W. 125th Street

Wear Me Out

Phone: 212-865-0250
Address: 116 W. 125th Street

West Side Hall, Inc. (Bingo)

Phone: (212) 662-4646
Address: 309 West 125th Street

White Castle

Phone: 212-865-3051
Address: 273 W. 125th Street

Wireless Fortune of Harlem

Address: 248 W. 125th Street